Tuesday, February 10, 2015

So what's next?

I had a communications training yesterday and the question that one can always expect is _What are your goals in life or for work"_ my answer was to be happy in what I'm doing.

Currently I'm happy with what I'm doing but I sense there is far more that I can do (at my current employer). But there are a few things holding me back or that is what I think.
First is growth which is limited in my department. Which the change of contract we don't know how thing really look like until June.

Inspiration is the second. If I have a good boss I'm willing to out in the extra effort. Go that extra mile. And I would for him but the problem my direct manager. I expect a manager that inspires me to be great and push for more. What we're getting is one that is playing it safe in his advantage and delegating everything he can. Funny how easily he does that when he says at the same time we need to find a way to reduce the amount of work we have.
He's picking people that he feels he can control for his team but alienating perhaps even more qualified ones because of this behaviour. They see that the recruiting process is rigged and that demotivated.
Holding on to weak links in a team (for too long) or protecting those that are causing tensions because they're vital to him (in terms of not doing the job himself, and backing him in issues).
The last 6 months I've really doubted whether it is still for me, I can't stand hypocritical people and he's one of them. But walking away is not an option, not without certain (financial) security.

Last is the direction the direction the management is going in and how I feel they should. Being in the working council I've had a direct link to the management team, it opened my eyes to a new world. One were I had to be more political that I am but also accept a small defeat for the greater good.
It did however expose a weakness to me. Loyalty, people that don't perform on low/mid management level are being kept. While those that actually bring in the money and put in a stable performance are let go. This is something everybody has seen at one time at a company they worked.
I feel weak at times when I do not have the ability to change thing for the better (as I'm typing this I might have come up with a way to do this and will try it). This feeling is fueled by those in position to take decision but seem to be out of touch wat really effects the process. One example is looking for a 6 month solution to an up coming change and then discuss a solution than to fix it right away so you don't have to think about it again. And we can go on with examples like these.

But do I know what I want to do? No, there isn't something that stands out which I can aim for. I have too many ideas, not creating enough time and perhaps too much fear of taking the step out of my comfort zone.

I like helping people and people see and say it and I try not to see every opportunity I help as a chance to get something in return but just do it because it feels right and help the person. Educate to understand things better and hopefully grow as a person.
A friend of mine told me how he helped coworkers at the start of his career at his current company not because he wanted to work his way up but because if they performed well it would benefit the team (not specifically financially). It also create a bond. But his mindset has changed due to the managers at his work. Now he's more in the 'Me' mode. I don't want to be that though I know I'm slipping in that direction.

Looking back I wrote more than I intended and still didn't my point across.
I know I need a/to change but have no clue on how to do it.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

A conversation with a friend

Had a talk with a female friend. As always we were just joking around till it got to a point were she says she's still clueless why men don't like to go shopping with woman. My reply was that men do like it, when it's lingerie shopping. The rest is to blame on a childhood trauma caused from going shopping with their mother. 
It took a few seconds for her to understand it and she laughed. Followed by saying that I really like my lingerie to which I said, I do and that it's just creepy sometimes when I see something and want to buy it but don't have girlfriend. She countered by saying, there is your reason, you're probably more excited about it then she would be. Made me laugh for a straight minute. 

Our conversation continued into relationships (again). I asked her what she missed most and she said having somebody to come home to or being the person somebody comes home to. I could understand and agree with here completely. She then asked me to which I had to misbehave as usual and said with a straight face the lingerie shopping. That the decision what to buy is very important because of the cost, the amount of times it will be worn, the look. The effect it would have on either two and before I could say the last part I started out laughing. After getting hit over the head I just replied everything that makes it special and gives me the feeling I'm luckiest guy in the world. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Notification/Quick settings menu tips for Android 5.0

The notification menu or shade as some call it changed with an update to Android 5.0.
Making it look and operate slicker than it used to. But because of the change one can think the way it used to work also changed. That is not the case here.

So here are some basic tips on how to get you notification or quick settings menu out fairly easily.

- Single finger swipe down brings down the notification shade
- Double-tap status bar: bring down the notifications shade.

- Two finger swipe down brings down the quick settings menu
- Triple-tap status bar: bring down quick settings/toggles.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Bluetooth pairing on Android 5.0

In the past you needed to enable visibility for your device if you wanted other devices to find it. Google has changed how this works in Android 5.0.

Instead of enabling a option to timeout within XX seconds Google has now made it so that your device is visible to all devices when you are in the Bluetooth settings menu but only visible to paired devices when you are not in that settings menu.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Using Android Wear

As I'm entering my first week with an Android Wear device I've noticed a few things. Stuff that isn't properly documented or spoken about.
It might interest those that are looking to pick up one of these devices.

  • Reminders with the watch sync to Google Now. Notifications appear on any device linked to the account.
  • Alarms don't sync to the linked device and vice versa
  • Timers don't sync to the linked device vice versa
  • Google Now command process slower than on phone. 
  • Can't silence the phone notifications through the watch.
  • Music recognition/tagging not supported (yet)
  • Issues with Google Fit and data sync

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Google+ birthday's

So apparently Google decided it was a good idea to have Google+ birthday bundled with your contacts. Now Google Calendar is filled with birthday of people I have only circled.

This is annoying. It is a decision that was carried out poorly. Not only was nothing mention through public channels but the only way to tweak this is by either having the birthdays turned of completely or have a full calendar.

I'm keeping my mine turned on for now but depending on the next step from Google it might be turned of.

This shows again that decision are being made that don't match what the public wants.