Sunday, November 30, 2014

Notification/Quick settings menu tips for Android 5.0

The notification menu or shade as some call it changed with an update to Android 5.0.
Making it look and operate slicker than it used to. But because of the change one can think the way it used to work also changed. That is not the case here.

So here are some basic tips on how to get you notification or quick settings menu out fairly easily.

- Single finger swipe down brings down the notification shade
- Double-tap status bar: bring down the notifications shade.

- Two finger swipe down brings down the quick settings menu
- Triple-tap status bar: bring down quick settings/toggles.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Bluetooth pairing on Android 5.0

In the past you needed to enable visibility for your device if you wanted other devices to find it. Google has changed how this works in Android 5.0.

Instead of enabling a option to timeout within XX seconds Google has now made it so that your device is visible to all devices when you are in the Bluetooth settings menu but only visible to paired devices when you are not in that settings menu.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Using Android Wear

As I'm entering my first week with an Android Wear device I've noticed a few things. Stuff that isn't properly documented or spoken about.
It might interest those that are looking to pick up one of these devices.

  • Reminders with the watch sync to Google Now. Notifications appear on any device linked to the account.
  • Alarms don't sync to the linked device and vice versa
  • Timers don't sync to the linked device vice versa
  • Google Now command process slower than on phone. 
  • Can't silence the phone notifications through the watch.
  • Music recognition/tagging not supported (yet)
  • Issues with Google Fit and data sync

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Google+ birthday's

So apparently Google decided it was a good idea to have Google+ birthday bundled with your contacts. Now Google Calendar is filled with birthday of people I have only circled.

This is annoying. It is a decision that was carried out poorly. Not only was nothing mention through public channels but the only way to tweak this is by either having the birthdays turned of completely or have a full calendar.

I'm keeping my mine turned on for now but depending on the next step from Google it might be turned of.

This shows again that decision are being made that don't match what the public wants.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Moto 360 experience

At first I actually wanted the black one. I felt it would look better on me and match my phone but I don't regret opting for the silver one. It's stylish but also suits me better when wearing formal stuff something I do more and more for work.

I noticed charging is really quick from the moment i started using it. So a quick charge when the battery is low is an option when needing to head again. But you'll need the charging dock. You can opt for Qi charger but it's not recommended.
By the way, love how the dock makes the watch work as a nightstand clock when charging. Don't have to pick up my phone to see how late it is.

Setting up the watch with my phone was easy. Just make sure you've installed both the Android Wear and Moto Connect app first. One thing you will need to have it on English US to really benefit from its functions. That goes for Google Now as well. Take your time to set up you device and apps.

Swiping through the menu's is still something to get used to. It doesn't always go as smooth as one would like.

The display is alright don't expect anything super sharp.
I like how by moving my wrist it pops on. Oh and I turned ambient light on after 36 hours.
Yeah the cut circle can be annoying at start or if you have an OCD but you won't notice it that much after a while.

Battery life is good (for me). It gets me through the day. Ambient light doesn't have that big of an impact for me.

You can occasionally notice the CPU is a bit slow but not that slow that I want to leave my watch at home or return it.  

My biggest annoyance so far is the wristband. You can hear it making noise when in a silent room.

Does it fit in my life? Yes and no.

Yes, because of Google Now and how I'm using it. I still feel it lacks some sync between my phone and watch bit that can be solved if they chose to improve that.

No, because I have set my phone to receive a minimum amount of notifications. That is important emails and Hangouts. I hardly get important emails as I've tailored Gmail to my liking. Hangouts is hardly used in my family or group of acquaintances. I do have a small group of friends which use it so they are still in contact with me. But we have burst chat so I need to grab my phone.l

Do I regret my purchase, no I do see it is an advantage of just looking at my watch or quickly give it a Google Now command but it can be used far more that I have so far.

Does it have its issues, yes but I really hope the team working on it listens to the people and more importantly quickly improve Wear.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Off my game

My friends are starting to get worried because they feel I'm not doing my magic when it comes to girls.

Seems silly to think of but it's not related to relationships/woman alone but to more. I get the sense it's related to more things  and I'm currently in a phase where I don't know how to handle it exactly.

In regards to woman I had three clear chances but to act. Felt like the lack of motivation was gone. Don't know if it was because I felt they were not what I was looking for or I've become very clumsy at it.
But sex in the equation and I know the hunger is high, so something must be holding me back.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Some things never change

Two weeks ago I was starting a course on Coursera. So far I've not been able to finish the first week, the second is already underway and the third is about to start tomorrow. 

I also said I would learn about Android app development one day at a time. That has resulted in 2 days of doing that and nothing anymore after that. 

Though my Chrome is still open with the tabs to both the Coursera and Android development courses I have done nothing since. 
A bad habit that has been going on for a very long time is exposed again. I start something but don't continue or finish it. 
I lack the determination to keep going, something that only sporadically reappears from time to time. Then I do a lot of things and quick. Once the result has been achieved I stop. 

I really need to change this attitude but fail to find the method that will get this done. Perhaps I am all hype after all even though I've shown glimpses of being able to do it.